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Directory of Retail Shopping Districts

Geographic InvestigationsSM provides site selection, site development, and consumer research services to retailers, service providers, real estate developers, and shopping center operators.

Geographic Investigations provides:
Custom research tailored specifically to each individual client

Active and ongoing client interaction

30 years of industry experience

A fair price

Geographic Investigations is the site selection consultant for the Williams-Sonoma, Inc.
family of brands, including:

Geographic Investigations was founded by Richard Jensen in November 2003. Prior to founding Geographic
Investigations, Mr. Jensen performed in-house research for a variety of retail companies, including:

Federated Department Stores


Perkins Restaurants

Mr. Jensen also conducted shopping center research in-house for:

General Growth Properties

Prior to founding Geographic Investigations, Mr. Jensen was client manager for site selection consulting firm
Thompson Associates for a period of eleven years. During his career at Thompson Associates, Mr. Jensen managed
accounts for some of the largest and most successful retail chains and shopping center developers.

These include:



Home Depot Latin America

Office Depot

Kimco Realty Corporation

The Pyramid Companies
Geographic Investigations is the creator of the Directory of Retail Shopping Districts™,
a 22,000-record electronic inventory of more than 100 street-based retail shopping
concentrations in the U.S.

For more Information about the Directory of Retail Shopping Districts, click here.

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