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Directory of Retail Shopping Districts  

Who Will Benefit

The Directory of Retail Shopping Districts™ is an important tool in gaining a more complete understanding of the locations and composition of major retail concentrations throughout the U.S. This directory goes beyond shopping center directories currently in use because it inventories shopping concentrations not documented in those sources.

Professionals who will benefit from this
directory include:
   Real Estate Brokers:
   Shopping Center Developers:
Despite the fact that retail shopping districts are not
always compatible with the traditional shopping center
design, there still exists opportunities for shopping
center developers to create urban-style centers that
blend seamlessly with the surrounding main street
environment. Retail shopping districts provide
developers with several advantages including pre-
existing commercial synergy, as well as firmly-
established consumer shopping patterns that have
existed for decades. The Directory of Retail Shopping
Districts provides an inventory of shopping centers that
already exist in every district. Developers can use this
information to identify districts under-represented by
shopping centers that may offer new development


   Market Research Firms:

   Municipalities/Government Agencies:

   Internet Marketing and Web Design Firms:

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