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"How can I get consumers to
  spend more at my business?"

Geographic InvestigationsSM conducts consumer surveys that reveal spending habits, perceptions, and opinions affecting the performance of your business.

Consumer research services include the following:

On-site customer intercept surveys

Telephone surveys

Focus groups

Internet Surveys

Our consumer research studies can answer the following questions:

My Customers:

- Who is patronizing my business?

- Where do my customers come from?

- What is the demographic profile of my customer?

My Customers' Spending Habits:

- What proportion of customers actually make a purchase?

- Do my customers make purchases from our catalog or web site?

- How often do my customers visit my business?

- Who does not patronize my business and why not?

- Where else do my customers shop?

My Customers' Awareness
and Opinions:

- How aware are consumers of my business?

- How did customers first learn of my business?

- How can I measure customer opinions about
my business over time?

- What do my customers perceive to be the
strengths and weaknesses of my business?

My Market:

- Why do all my locations under-perform in a
particular market?

- What trade area does my business serve?

- Who is my strongest competition?

My Action Plan:

- What improvements would make customers spend more often?

- What kind of advertising is most effective in reaching my customer?

- How can I get consumers to patronize my business more often?

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