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"How do I find the optimal
   location for my business?"

Geographic InvestigationsSM provides retailers and service providers with the site selection formula to maximize sales potential

Our research services can answer the following questions:

My Risks:

- How do I minimize my risk when considering where to open new units?

- How can I be sure that a proposed site will generate a supportable sales volume?

- How do I know which sites to consider and which sites to pass on?

- How reliable is a sales projection that is provided by a consultant?

- How can I avoid opening a low-volume unit?

- How accurate/effective are automated sales forecasting models?

- How much sales transfer can I expect when a new location is opened in the same market as an existing unit?

My Selection Criteria:

- How important is commercial synergy and the
right mix of co-tenancies to the sales
potential of my site?

- What is "locational convenience" and how
important is this factor in choosing a site?

- How does the phrase "location, location,
location" translate to a sound deployment

- What are the overriding factors that drive
sales potential for a proposed site?

- Which factors are most important in choosing
a new site and which factor are irrelevant??

- What really matters in site selection?

My Growth Potential:

- What is the formula to maximize the number of locations I can open in a market?

- What sales volume can I expect from a particular site?

- What is the build-out potential for my business?

- What is the site selection formula to maximize sales potential when I search for new locations?

As part of our menu of services, Geographic Investigations also conducts consumer research to better understand
the spending habits, opinions, and perceptions of consumers in your project's trade area. For more information,
click the Consumer Research button or link.

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