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Directory of Retail Shopping Districts  

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The Directory of Retail Shopping Districts™ is presented in an electronic spreadsheet format that can be quickly sorted and filtered to find the information you need. Data can be sorted by:

Business nameplate

   Status (existing, vacant, proposed, etc.)

   Consumer Appeal (mass, upscale, etc.)


Street Address

City, State and ZIP Code


Media Market

Retail Shopping District

Industry Classification

Census Block Group

Latitude/Longitude Coordinates

Upscale/Lifestyle Non-Shopping Center Chains

Restaurant Price Point


The exhibit below provides a list of sample records from the directory database file. Three tables are presented on this page for display purposes; however, all of the information is contained in one main file. The sample table can viewed as one file by clicking the link for Table A, below:

Sample Table A (PDF file)

A summary table of information about each retail shopping district is also included in the electronic file you will receive. The summary table allows the user to compare key characteristics of each district. A sample of the summary table is presented below:

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