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Directory of Retail Shopping Districts

"How do I get a business
  to become a tenant in
  my project?"

Geographic InvestigationsSM identifies the optimal tenant mix to maximize sales per square foot for your property.

We answer the following questions for real estate developers and shopping
center operators:

My Tenants:

- What do tenants look for when considering new sites?

- What are the most important factors tenants consider when searching for new sites?

- What is the optimal mix of tenants for my project?

- How do I maximize sales potential for my client?

My Project's Market Placement:

- Where is the best place for my company to develop a new commercial project?

- How do I find the optimal site for my next commercial project?

- I have vacant land and want to develop it. Can you tell me what the best use of the property will be?

- What are the demographic requirements to support a particular type of business?

- What is the minimum number of persons needed in a trade area to support a particular retail type?

- My center is experiencing a high vacancy rate. Does the center need to be redeveloped? How should it
    be repositioned?

As part of our menu of services, Geographic Investigations also conducts consumer research to better understand
the spending habits, opinions, and perceptions of consumers in your project's trade area.
For more information, click the Consumer Research button or link.

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